Mistress Rachel
Boston Massachusetts

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Mistress Rachel

I am Lifestyle Domina,with over 10 years experience in the art of Female Domination... I believe in the Majestic power of a strong and sensual Female. True Femme Fatale and Goddess, I revel in sensual control and subjugation I exert over the "weaker" sex. I am a Woman of contrast.. A Sadist with a predilecton for the extreme, but also the capacity gentle sensuality.... Though my penchants within the confines of D/s reflect my intensity...My credo within the lifestyle is as always, safe, sane & consensual practices.. I very much enjoy a variety of aspects of discipline.......however, I also have a keen interest in humiliation and defilement of my slave/pet. Fetish is my lifestyle....Although I am primarily a Lifetyle Domme, I am working as a Fetish Model and enjoy it immensely..I welcome contacts from reputable fetish photographers and will consider "TFP" depending on the shoot..

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PHONE ME: (617)522-1883

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