Empress Czarina
NYC and Las Vegas 

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Empress Czarina

I am Empress Czarina, I have been a Dominant all my life, and have been in the scene over 20 years, I am a Life-Style Dom. It is not a game with me I am for real!
As a Dominant woman, my time is valuable and I will not waste a second of it on the gameplayers of the online world. To that end, interested candidates will offer a tribute (to be named by me) for the chance to speak to me. I always enter into discussions online with anyone who makes a good faith tribute, as my word is my bond and I never deal in anything less than 100% honesty. If this personally offends you, find another profile or continue to jerk off alone, as you usually do. If you don't want to follow a simple online instruction, you won't follow any instructions in real life, so being weeded out now saves my precious time.

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