Misteress Ekko


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New York

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I am Mistress Ekko, and you—you will read all my words carefully. I will tell you exactly what I want, what I can do with you, and what you must be willing to do for me. But first, you must listen. I have ten years experience as a mistress in the scene. As you can obviously feel through the tone of my presence. It’s a natural talent and I’ve never considered anything else. With all those years’ experience, I’ve sharpened that talent and learned a great deal. I have no peer when it comes to the arts of bondage and torture, but most of all I’ve mastered the psychological aspects of dominating men. I know how to open up your mind, to persuade you to reveal your deepest secrets, so you’ll turn yourself completely over to me, so you can honestly serve a beautiful woman. You’ve wanted to be a slave but have never been able to overcome your ego, your pride. I can take you across that surface. I can make you free. Only in total slavery and dedication will you ever find a balence of happiness and freedom.



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